How we work

Our values and personal style

HMHK aims to work in collaboration with you by offering thorough assessment and treatment based on research and clinical experience, usually delivered within the family home.

Flowers in the breezeAt HMHK we know how rewarding it can be to bring up a family.  We also know that, at times, it can be stressful and demanding.  Societal pressure on parents to produce well behaved, confident, high achieving children may feel overwhelming.  

But what happens if your child is defiant, aggressive, withdrawn, lacks self confidence or has a combination of these problems?  Faced with such difficulties parents may feel helpless, frightened, ashamed or guilty and not know where to turn for help.  At HMHK we understand.  We know that you will have done your best to help your child.  We also recognise that the first step in seeking help can be the hardest, which is why we believe it is so important to develop a respectful, collaborative relationship with parents.  You are the experts on your child: after all, you have known them longer than anyone else.  Your expertise, combined with our training and experience in the area of behaviour and emotional disorders, creates the conditions for positive change for your child and family.

The Initial Assessment usually lasts between 3-4 hours, taking two visits to complete. A separate visit is organised for feedback.

Work is usually carried out in your home. This ensures that the assessment and treatment takes place where the problems happen and the solutions need to be applied, as well as avoiding the inconvenience of travelling to appointments or arranging childcare.  Please ensure that a quiet, private room free from interruption and distraction is available for consultation.

The assessment is based on an extensive interview which usually lasts between 3-4 hours, taking two visits to complete. A separate visit is organised for feedback.

As part of the assessment process we will ask your permission to contact school to gather information regarding your child’s social and academic progress.

Following completion of the assessment and return of the school report, we will meet with you to discuss the outcome.  You will be given a written report with our professional opinion of the problem and proposed treatment plan.  If appropriate, the report may be sent on to other professionals, with your consent.